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Successful opening of the Beijing Chaoyang Branch!
Thank you all for coming to our Chaoyang branch's housewarming lecture on Sunday (2018/10/21), and the event was a success! During the event, we shared the film about the growth and progress of our first child in the branch, which made the parents full of emotion and confidence. It was also full of encouragement from the support of the branch manager Wallis Chen's family. More than 113 parents came for Mr. William Liu's speech in the new classroom environment, which was built to present more safety and professionalism to the families of the children who attend here. How to "Easily develop a good habit of children to take the initiative to learn" was the topic of the day! We hope that parents have gained a lot of professional knowledge in education! Thanks for all the support and encouragement from the parents in Beijing, we will definitely work harder to do better!