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LEC Beijing Haidian Branch Grand Opening!
Liu Education formally established its first branch in Beijing in May 2016 to lay the foundation for LEC's VAS educational philosophy in Beijing. The number of students in the past year has continued to increase. In order to continue to help and serve more families and children, we set up a new branch in Haidian District, Beijing. It is scheduled to open on February 26, 2018. The original "Beijing Branch" in the Chaoyang District will be officially renamed as "Beijing Chaoyang Branch" and the new branch will be named "Beijing Haidian Branch". We will continue to devote ourselves to improving teaching quality and bringing our belief of VAS education to each child and family.
Liu Education: Beijing Haidian Branch
Address: No. 203, Second Floor, Building No. 6, Court No. 59, Gaoliangqiaoxie Street, Haidian District, Beijing City.
Opening Date: February 26, 2018